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Kedar Kanitkar Director

‘32December Designs Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2012, For more than thirty years now, I have been associated with the signage manufacturing company. In India, Advertising agencies & graphic design professionals used to provide signage, wayfinding & branding designs to the clients where technical feasibility factor was missing.

There, I Identified big opportunity and 32 December Design came emerged. It primarily provides functional, affordable yet aesthetically impressive designs in the field of signage, wayfinding & branding of built environments.

Three decades of technical knowledge in the signage & wayfinding industry make it value proposal for the clients.

We have developed certain processes for design deliverables which begin with site survey or audit of the built environment. We discuss in detail with the clients about their preferences & expectations about deliverables. After brain storming about concept & ideation with young, dynamic & trained design team we come up with the options which are purely customized.

We are already working for PAN projects & very soon we will sign up some landmark projects abroad.’

We match …

32 December Designs aim to be Creative, Thoughtful & Independent.

Our Multi Disciplinary Staff includes a range of specialized graphic, industrial & information designers; project managers and product & material specialists. They compose a strong team that compliments one another, creating innovative & practical solutions. Individual Commitment to a Group Effort… that’s exactly what makes our Team Powerful.